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Al's Landscaping Services - Maintenance

A’ls Landscaping not only installs beautiful landscaping elements; we also provide the maintenance services you need to keep them looking beautiful for many years. These services are available with free estimates. We can stop by for a one time service appointment, or start a scheduled maintenance contract.

Lawn Maintenance


From cutting the grass to repairing bare patches and planting grass seed, we’ll maintain your lawn so it looks lush and green. We customize our services to meet your specific needs and requests.

Fertilizing (lawn fertilizing and should be done 2 -3 times per year)


Maintain adequate, high quality fertilizer is crucial for optimal plant growth. Fertilizer should be spread and replaced at least once per year. Our experienced landscapers will find the best mixture for your plants and soil.

Spring & Fall Cleanup


The excitement of spring and fall often brings leaves, debris, mud, seeds, and melting snow with it. Al’s Landscaping will handle the work so you can enjoy the weather with our spring and fall cleanup services. We rake leaves, pick up debris, and manage excess moisture to prepare your yard for winter or summer.

Shrubs & Trees


Al’s Landscaping in Regina trims and prunes shrubs and trees on a monthly or seasonal contract basis. From maintaining one shrub in your yard to managing several trees on your commercial lawn, no job is too big or too small.

Power Raking, Vacuuming, & Aerating


We have the machinery to rake leaves, vacuum debris, and aerate your lawn neatly and efficiently. Power raking removes thatch, stems, and roots which build up under the service of a lawn. Vacuuming quickly removes leaves, while aerating creates small holes in the lawn, creating cores that boost healthy root growth while improving water and nutrient penetration.

Weed Control


Our Saskatchewan landscapers also provide weed control, including prevention and removal. We can also plant certain flowers and green plants that are resistant to weed growth and can protect other plants in the same area.